Do you ever look around and think to yourself, "wow, these really are the days?" Well, I do. Pretty much every day, too. At heart, I'm a dreamer. You know, the type that wants to change the world. But you know what is better than dreams? Making them reality. My journey has been a series of making my dreams a reality, and even with the stumbles - I wouldn't change a thing. 

I grew up in Southampton, NY where I am self-described "Yankee-born and Sooner-bred." What's that? Well, even though I was born in New York, I've always thought of myself as a misplaced Southerner at heart. My dad was raised in small-town Oklahoma and instilled in me a love for cowboy boots, Oklahoma Sooner football, good BBQ, and country music. At an early age, it became clear that New York was not going to be my forever home, so I set out determined to find my home. 

I moved to Norman, OK after high school where I attended the University of Oklahoma and my love affair with the south grew deeper. Then, in 2008, I packed up my cowboy boots and moved to Washington, DC where I attended grad school at George Washington University, launched my real estate career, and most importantly - adopted my dog, Sydney.

When I launched my real estate career, I knew about 20 people in Washington, DC - none of whom could afford to buy a home. Some of whom didn't want to buy a home because of a lifestyle decision. I didn't have a sphere, I had hustle. I committed myself to building a brand, a career, and a business. I committed to becoming a sponge, which has made all the difference. From the knowledge and skills that I gained simply by approaching the business with an open mind, I was able to build a thriving real estate business. I was able to service clients that other agents may not have by simply saying "how can I help?" Still, my big "a-ha" moment was when I realized that you're never really done learning or growing. I continue to attend events, network with agents around the country, and grow as a person and as a professional. 

In October 2014, I moved to Raleigh, NC on a leap of faith to join Go Realty where I became the Director of the Go School of Real Estate - an innovative real estate school offering pre-licensing, post-licensing, and continuing education as well as next level training for our industry. We built the Go School with a fresh approach to providing a better, more desirable real estate education experience pulled at both my heart and my mind. Why didn't something like this exist? I had to know. The lessons I learned at the Go School were nothing short of life-changing. So were the life events that happened during my time there! I met my lovely fiance, Lynn there and became a step-mom to two wonderful kids, Sunni (6) and Ryland (5).

My approach toward training and coaching has been transformed. My desire to listen to students served me well and helped me do what I love - create where nothing had existed before. I've learned that when you get a track record of creating where nothing existed before that you'll never have to hunt for a job again, you will create your own. However, the biggest lesson that I learned is that these boots still have a lot of miles left in them. I'm really just getting started. 

y work at the Go School and with Go Realty uncovered my passion, love, and affinity for training and coaching agents. I worked with new agents to help them launch their careers; designed a training program called "Level Up" for mid-level producers, which was designed to propel them into thriving sales agents; and with top-producers to help them continue to build and maintain a consistent, predictable business. 

This work helped me find the company where I now spend every day doing what I love with agents that I love. In September 2016, Bamboo Realty hired me as their "Head Coach." What's that you ask? Well, that was my first question too! I do what all head coaches are tasked with - I help the whole team perform better, from our agents in the field to our leadership that supports them. I work with our agents to help them strategize, plan, generate, convert, and execute. I work with our leadership to help ensure we all are delivering for our players, the agents. And, I help craft our actions as a company to put our best work out there. At Bamboo, we believe in finding your happy place. There, I have found mine and I am lucky enough to help others discover theirs each and every day. How cool is that?